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Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Adobong Talaba"

Oyster is my avorite seafood,there are variations of how to cook and serve oysters in Japan especially during winter season, Today I cooked oysters in Adobo sauce, this delicious oyster recipe is made out  of fresh oysters cooked / simmered in soy sauce and vinegar, a lots of minced garlic and some spices,very simple and easy to prepare but healthy and delicious, please have a try and ENJOY!
                                                         Adobong Talaba recipe
                                                     (Oysters in Adobo sauce)
                               (please watch the video below for cooking procedure))
                                         500 grams fresh oysters (cleaned and drained)
                                         2 to 3 tbsp vinegar
                                         1 to 2 tbsp soy sauce
                                                   minced garlic
                                                   chopped onion
                                                   ground black pepper
                                                   bay leaf
                                                   cooking oil
                                                  pepper grass for garnish (optional))
                                         Heat oil in a skillet, saute garlic and onion
                                         and ground black pepper, add oysters stir
                                         add drained oysters, add soy sauce and
                                         vinegar and salt if necessary
                                         cover and simmer for few seconds
                                         turn off the heat
                                         transfer oysters in the strainer
                                         bring sauce / liquid into a boil and reheat
                                        until completely  desired flavors done
                                         add cooked oysters in sauce and stir
                                         to coat oysters with the sauce
                                         continue stirring for just few seconds,
                                         turn of the heat and transfer  oyster
                                        Adobo in a serving plate and garnish
                                        with pepper grass (optional)......

Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Chocolate Roses for Valentine's Day"

My homemade chocolate roses for Valentine's Day,this recipe is made out of chocolate clay, corn syrup and food coloring...
                                                My Homemade Chocolate Roses