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Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Sapin Sapin"

Sapin Sapin or layered rice cake is one of very popular Filipino delicacy, this creamy and delicious rice cake made from glutinous rice mixed with rice flour coconut milk,condensed milk, sugar and some other ingredients to make it more tasty and delicious,today I made my own version of special 5 layers of Sapin Sapin with 5 delicious flavors...
                                                      Sapin Sapin recipe
                                    (please watch the video below for cooking procedure)
                                         2 1/2 cups glutinous rice flour
                                            1/2 cup rice flour
                                         1 1/2 cups white sugar
                                              3 cans coconut milk
                                        ( 2 cans for sapin sapin / 1 can for latik)
                                              1 can condensed milk (1 1/2 cups)
                                            1/2 cup powdered ube (purple yam)
                                            1/4 cup sweetened jack fruit
                                                 (cut into small pieces)
                                            1/2 cup sweetened macapuno
                                               3 to 4 drops pandan favoring
                                               2 tsps vanilla extract
                                                 food coloring( yellow,
                                                 toasted desiccated coconut
                                                 coconut milk curd (latik)
                                                    toasted desiccated coconut
                                         In a large bowl combine flour,sugar,coconut milk,
                                         and condensed milk, whisk well
                                         strain out any lumps
                                         divide flour batter into 5 portions
                                         1st steam purple ube flavor as sapin sapin base,
                                         steam for 20 minutes or until firm.continue the same
                                         steaming process until its all done,put a tea cloth
                                         around the steamer lid to prevent evaporate water
                                         from dripping..
                                        When already done,remove the rice cake from the
                                        steamer and allow to cool completely, transfer to a
                                       serving plate or tray and cut as desired, sprinkle with
                                       latik and toasted coconut, serve and ENJOY!

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