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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Chicken Relleno" (rellenong manok)

Chicken Relleno is a great main dish for Noche Buena, a fantastic tasty and delicious stufed roast chicken, deboning a whole chicken was surprisingly easier than thought....

Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Classic Pastillas"(milk soft candy)

Pastillas is tasty and delicious soft candy dessert made with fresh milk or condensed milk, powdered milk and roll in granulated sugar, there are variations of making Pastillas, today I made my on version of making layered pastillas with Pastillas de leche, Ube, Langka and Pandan Pastillas.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Sesame Balls"

Sesame Balls (Japanese Goma dango or Filipino Buchi) is a rice cake dessert made with glutinous rice flour(MOCHIKO) that form into a balls and usually filled with sweet beans paste(Japanese ANKO)) or sweet mung beans paste (Filipino MUNGGO), today I made this rice cake dessert with ube halaya (sweet purple yam filling)it is coated with sesame seeds and deep fry in plenty of cooking oil until golden brown.Please give a try this crispy and delicious Sesame Balls dessert, ENJOY!
                                                       Sesame Balls recipe
                                (please watch the video below for procedure)
                                         80 grams glutinous rice flour (MOCHIKO)
                                           2 tbsp white sugar
                                           5 tbsp of water or more
                                              ube halaya (sweet purple yam),
                                              sweet beans paste (Japanese ANKO),
                                              or sweet mung bean paste (munggo)
                                              sesame seeds
                                              cooking oil
                                         Combine sugar and flour, mix together
                                          gradually add water and continue
                                          mixing until well blended
                                          Form the dough into a log
                                         Cut the dough as desired size
                                         Shape each piece into a ball
                                         Press the center of the dough
                                         and place the ube filling
                                         Make sure in even thickness
                                         around the dough balls after placing
                                         the filling in
                                         Coated the balls with sesame seeds
                                         Deep fry until golden brown
                                          Drain excess oil
                                          Now crispy and delicious sesame balls
                                          is done! I love this with green tea

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"SUKIYAKI"(Japanese Hot Pot Dish)

SUKIYAKI is very popular Japanese winter dish that cooked and served at the table, this special hot pot dish consist of thinly sliced beef and variety of vegetables and some ingredients such as grilled tofu, konjac noodles (shirataki) simmered with flavorful broth made with soy sauce,sake, mirin and sugar,Sukiyaki eaten by dipping in a bowl of beaten raw egg.
                                                          Japanese Sukiyaki
                                         300 grams thinly sliced beef
                                               Chinese cabbage (hakusai)
                                               shiitake mushrooms
                                               Japanese shungiku
                                                (edible winter chrysanthemum)
                                               enotake mushroom
                                               negi (welsh onion / spring onion)
                                               yaki tofu (grilled tofu)
                                               conjac noodles (shirataki)
                                          flavor broth:
                                              soy sauce             mirin
                                              sake                     sugar