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Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Motsu Nikomi" (stewed pork intestines)

Motsu Nikomi is a simple home style dish recipe, one of very popular Japanese favorite appetizer especially during cold season, Motsu Nikomi itself made of pork (pig) or beef (cow) intestines or chicken giblets (cleaned and boiled) simmer and cooked (it takes long time,  more or less than 2 hours) and flavored with miso paste, Japanese sake, soy sauce, then add some vegetables, fried tofu and konjac...Serve Hot...
                                                       Motsu Nikomi recipe
                           (please watch the video below for cooking procedure)
                                         1/2 kilo pork (pig) intestines
                                         1/2 cup miso paste
                                         1 tsp salt / ginger and long onions
                                         1 cup daikon / radish (cut in squares)
                                         1 large carrot
                                         1 cup konjak (yam cake)
                                            shimeji mushroom
                                         1 cup fried tofu
                                         1 tbsp soy sauce
                                         1 tbsp sake
                                         in a large cooking pot or aluminum casserole
                                         place pork intestines, add enough water, salt
                                         ginger, long onions,cook until tender
                                         (it takes more or less than 2 hrs)
                                         check if completely tender, add daikon,
                                         carrot and konjac, cover again until
                                         the vegetables are in half cook texture
                                          add shimeji musroom, sake and soy sauce
                                         add miso paste (dissolve in soup itself
                                          then add fried tofu
                                         cover and simmer for few minutes
                                         turn off the heat,  now it's done
                                         and ready to serve

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