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Monday, February 1, 2016

"Ube Maja Blanca"

Maja Blanca is one of very popular and favorite Filipino dessert, this recipe is very simple and easy to prepare for just few ingredients, there are some variations of  maja blanca, today I made my version of Maja Ube with a combination of boiled grated ube and maja blanca mixture consist of corn starch,coconut milk, fresh milk,sugar and vanilla extract, the result is a perfect texture of creamy and delicious Ube Maja Blanca recipe.
                                                        Ube Maja Blanca recipe
                               (please watch video below for procedure)
                                          3/4 cups corn starch
                                          2/3 cup white sugar
                                             3 cups coconut milk
                                             1 cup boiled grated ube (purple yam)
                                             1 cup fresh milk
                                             1 tsp vanilla extract
                                                desiccated coconut

1 comment:

  1. very nice recipe. just want to ask if its possible to combine the ready made ube halaya and ready made maja blanca?. thank you