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Friday, October 3, 2014

"Pastillas de Ube"

Pastillas is one of famous Filipino delicacy,there are many Pastillas variations in different flavors,today I made Pastillas de Ube, this delicious, creamy and milky soft candy is made of jam from purple yam called "Halayang Ube"...It's also said that we can find the best of original Pastillas in San Miguel Bulacan which is known as Pastillas town or Bulacan Sweets and Delicacies...
                                                      Pastillas de Ube recipe
                               (please watch the video below for making procedure)
                                                for making Pastillas de Ube:
                                         2 cups of ube halaya or fresh grated ube
                                            or purple yam
                                         2 cups condensed milk
                                         1 tbsp lemon zest
                                         1 cup powdered milk
                                            granulated white sugar
                                                for wrapping
                                            papel de japon or flower paper
                                            cellophane paper
                                          in a heavy cooking pan pour condensed milk
                                          cook in a low / medium heat until thick
                                          add lemon zest and ube halaya
                                          stir until well incorporated
                                         add powdered milk and continue stirring
                                         until the perfect pastillas texture
                                         completely done...transfer pastillas in plate or
                                         tray and let it cool down for an hour or more
                                         form in log and cut as desired
                                            coated with granulated white sugar
                                            wrap the Pastillas

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