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Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Asadong Tilapia" (fish steak)

Tilapia fish is very popular in the Philippines, there are variations of tilapia recipe such as ginataang tilapia (cooked in coconut milk), paksi or pickled, sasalsiado (cooked and simmered with tomatoes and onions, and so on..Today I cooked Asado or fish steak instead of Bistek (beef steak) so simple, quick and easy to prepare, but great tasty, delicious and healthy Tilapia fish recipe...
                                                 Asadong Tilapia (fish steak) recipe
                            (please watch the video below for cooking procedure)
                                        2 medium tilapia fish
                                           minced garlic
                                        1 medium onion
                                           lemon juice (from 1 lemon)
                                           ground black pepper
                                         1 piece bay leaf
                                         2 to 3 tbsp soy sauce
                                            water / cooking oil
                                          Marinate tilapia in soy sauce, garlic,
                                          and lemon juice, place roundly sliced
                                          onions and bay leaf on top,cover with
                                          plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes
                                          to one hour.
                                          after more or less than 1 hr, drain the fish
                                          and separate onion and garlic from the
                                          marinade and set aside

                                         In a large skillet or frying pan
                                         fry the tilapia fish until golden brown
                                         In the same pan, saute garlic and onion                    
                                         remove onion once it become translucent
                                         or in half cook texture
                                         pour marinade sauce
                                          add fried tilapia fish
                                          add onions
                                          cover and simmer for few seconds
                                          turn off the heat, garnish with scallions
                                          and thinly sliced onion and serve.......

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